How to order from KAI4U

When placing an order make sure that it is correct. There will not be time to change it

You may use a debit or credit card no EFTPOS or cash

Make sure that your address is correct

You may order from 1 restaurant only but we will allow orders from up to 3 if you call us on
0800 888839

To check whether we are able to do this. There will be an extra charge of $5 per restaurant. Food and safety is a concern when doing this and it will depend on how busy everything is

Allow 40 minutes for delivery. Most are done between 20 and 30 minutes

Have your mobile phone or landline on so that we are able to contact you if there is a problem

Don’t use the service if your phone has been suspended. We have been held responsible for people using stolen cards and will not do delivery if we are unable to call you

The app may be switched off if we become to busy which happens normally at around 7 pm but will be put back on after we have caught up