Dodson Street

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    Bombay Burger

    with 150g chicken thigh marinated in yogurt with spices, lettuce, tomato,
    cucumber and onion, mango chutney, tomato + aïoli sauce, Agria fries


    Venison Burger

    with 200g venison pattie, lettuce, tomato, red onion, onion jam, blue cheese
    aïoli, Plum sauce, Dodson Fries



    with 200g Home made Beef patie,Bacon,Cheese,Pickles,Lettuce,Tomato , Red Onion,Spicy Aioli, BBQ Sauce ,Seasoned Agria Parmesan Fries



    with 200g Home made Beef patie,Bacon, Sauerkraut, Pickles ,Mustard BBQ Sauce ,Seasoned Agria Fries



    with 200g pulled Pork Corn,Capisicum Salsa , Coleslaw, Jalapenos,Agria Fries


    Cheeky Chick

    with 150g Crumbed Chicken thigh,Lettuce,Tomato,Onion, Cranberry,Brie,Aioli,Tomato Sauce,Agria Fries


    Fish Burger

    with 160g Wheat Beer Battered Hohi,Lettuce,Tomatoes,Onion,Beetroot ,Cheese,Trartare Sauce,Aioli,Tomato Sauce,Agria Fries


    Pizza Margharita


    Chicken Nuggets & Fries


    Fish Bites & Fries


    Mini Hot Dogs & fries


    Daily Pizza Special

    4 Pizzas take away $58.00 - $2.00 for additional toppings. Please call Keith for this order. 0800 888839


    Zucca ( V )

    Caramalised kumara & pumpkin, onion jam, baby spinach leaves, feta, garlic



    Chicken, spinach, green curry paste, capsicum, chilli, mixed nuts



    Salami, mushrooms, capsicum, salsa verde, crispy onions, jalapeno



    Roasted chicken breast strips, brie, cranberry sauce and crushed mixed nuts



    Chicken strips, basil pesto, onion, black olive, parmesan


    Sophia ( V )

    Olives, tomato, feta cheese, baby spinach, onion, garlic



    Smoked ham, pineapple, capsicum, red onion



    Spiced ground lamb, feta, baby spinach, capsicum, topped with mint infused yoghurt



    Shrimps, smoked bacon, capers, red onion, chilli sauce


    Russian Roulette

    Ham, salami, beef, bacon, chicken, onions, mushrooms



    Pork con carne, baby spinach, salsa, jalapenos ( medium spiced )



    Ham, minced beef, salami, onion, bbq sauce



    Peppered beef mince, mushrooms, capsicum, blue cheese aioli


    Seafood Chowder

    White fish, mussels, shrimps, baguette, butter


    Pizza breads

    with Basil pesto parmesan or crushed garlic, rocksalt,
    parmesan or sun-dried tomato pesto, cheese ( 8.5” )


    Garlic bread

    Four bread slices with our melted garlic and herb butter




    Traditional Bavarian Bretzel with 3 flavoured butters


    Gulasch Suppe

    Traditional German goulash soup with beef, bread, butter


    Chicken Wings (6)

    Home-smoked, served with our own BBQ sauce



    Chunky, crisp agria potato fries, tomato sauce, aïoli


    Dodson Fries

    Seasoned Agria fries with Parmesan, spicy aïoli, BBQ sauce


    Haus Salat

    Mixed salad with our house dressing, baguette, butter


    Fish ‘n’ Chips

    Wheat beer battered Hoki (150g ), fries, salad,
    tartare sauce, lemon



    with chicken, bacon and creamy mushroom,
    Parmesan, bread


    Ham Steak

    Grilled, 1 fried egg, Agria fries, salad, mustards


    Thai Beef Salad

    Marinated flat Iron Steak (200g) with coriander, peanuts, lettuce, crispy noodles, chilli and lime dressing



    Schnitzel ( 150g ) (Pork loin or Chicken thigh) crumbed and pan-seared,
    Agria fries, garden fresh salad, lemon,
    mustards, tomato sauce